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  • Poli

Media Freak Out Over Trump Feeding Fish in Japan

After a video clip surfaced showing President Donald Trump emptying a box of fish food…

  • Poli

Shock: Google Now Determines Result of a Quarter of Elections Worldwide, Researcher Says

Congress this week zeroed in on "fake news" and ads produced by Russians, but one…

  • Poli

Dems Use Facebook-Twitter Hearing to Attack Trump

The purpose of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee hearing on Tuesday was to find out what…

  • Poli

Twitter Under Fire for Suspending Roger Stone but Not Users Who Threaten the President

Twitter's decision Saturday to suspend Roger Stone, a long-time supporter of President Donald Trump, for…

  • Pop

Would You Be Willing to Give Amazon a ‘Key’ to Your Home?

Hard pass. That was the overwhelming sentiment expressed on social media about Amazon's debut of…

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