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WSJ Editorial Board Blasts ‘Beltway Media’ for Ignoring Dossier

The Wall Street Journal's editorial board slammed "the Beltway media" on Sunday for exhibiting a…

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Senate Investigation Targets FBI’s No. 2 on Trump Dossier, Surveillance

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee is demanding to know why the FBI wanted…

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BuzzFeed Sued by Businessman Smeared in Trump Dossier

A technology sector businessman who claims he became collateral damage as a result of BuzzFeed's "reckless and…

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Bob Woodward: Trump Is Right on ‘Garbage’ Russia Allegations

Washington Post Associate Editor Bob Woodward slammed the "garbage document" BuzzFeed News circulated in full…

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U.S. Intel Community Throws Cold Water on ‘Trump Dossier’

The intelligence community may be running away from the "Trump dossier," a dubious 35-page document commissioned by…

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