Tag: Terrorist Attacks

  • Poli

Homeland Security Chief Warns of New 9/11

Even as the Islamic State terrorist group's territorial footprint recedes, it remains as dangerous as…

  • Pop

Toby Keith Reveals Inspiration Behind His Post-9/11 Hit Song

Toby Keith sat down to write his now-hit song "Courtesy of the Red, White and…

  • Pop

This New Movie About 9/11 Is Dividing Audiences

There isn't much Hollywood and the entertainment industry won't tackle, including the tragic day of…

  • Poli

Jihadist Preacher Behind Bars Still a Radicalizing Force

Two of the men who stabbed innocent Londoners to death in the horrific multi-pronged terrorist…

  • Poli

Farage: Enough ‘Hand-Wringing and Talk of Solidarity’ in Face of Terror

Former U.K. Independence Party leader Nigel Farage blasted Britain, during an interview Sunday on Fox…

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