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Exclusive: Dean Cain Reveals Why He’s Taking on the Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide is one of the least talked about yet one of the most…

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Dean Cain on Why Trump Is Right to Skip the Kennedy Center Honors

The mere idea of the attendance by President Donald Trump at the 2017 Kennedy Center…

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Dean Cain: Much of Hollywood’s Rhetoric ‘Is Completely Out of Control’

Dean Cain is one of the busiest people in Hollywood. While most might have slowed…

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Sorbo: Being Christian Conservative in Hollywood Can Be a Career ‘Death Sentence’

"I see it getting worse," actor and filmmaker Kevin Sorbo told LifeZette about bias against…

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Apatow Compares Trump Election to ‘Rape,’ And Other Outrages

Divisive rhetoric has become almost second nature to many of today's celebrities. Their Trump hysteria…

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