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Linda Ronstadt’s Classic ‘Simple Dreams’ Celebrates 40 Years

A "new" album that hit shelves this month was one that scores of music fans…

  • Faith

Pat Boone: Biggest Worry Is ‘If America Ceases to Be a Nation Under God’

Throughout the history of show business, many people come and go. They sing a song…

  • Pop

Bob Dylan Is Trying to Stay ‘Forever Young’

At the age of 76, Bob Dylan has no intention of putting his guitar down…

  • Pop

Toby Keith Reveals Inspiration Behind His Post-9/11 Hit Song

Toby Keith sat down to write his now-hit song "Courtesy of the Red, White and…

  • Pop

Exclusive: Joy Villa on Her Role with the Trump Campaign and Her Time in Houston

It's only been seven months since musician Joy Villa announced to the world and her…

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