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Hannity Thanks ‘Deplorable Friends’ for Boycotting Keurig

Fox News host Sean Hannity thanked his "deplorable" fans Sunday night for showing their support…

  • Poli

Roy Moore: Allegations Are ‘Completely False and Misleading’

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore on Friday emphatically denied sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl…

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Three Movies in Theaters That Conservatives Should See

Many conservatives and right-of-center thinkers are no doubt feeling alienated from Hollywood and its mainstream…

  • Faith

Atheist Turns to Christianity in ‘Let There Be Light’

Many of those who were once so powerful and almighty in Hollywood find their influence…

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Look Who’s Turning Hollywood Upside Down

After partially recovering from a disastrous summer with a record-setting September (mostly thanks to Stephen…

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