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The Real Al Franken: Part Nasty, Part Jerk

Al Franken has long enjoyed a fairly squeaky-clean image. Comedian. Liberal polemicist. Senator from Minnesota,…

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‘Saturday Night Live’ Drops the Laughs, Begs for Obama Back

"Saturday Night Live" is sure to have an identity crisis at some point in the…

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Left-Wing Media’s Double Standard in Objectifying Right-Wing Women

For a group of people who are ultra-sensitive about political correctness, left-wingers seem to be…

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Why Ronan Farrow’s Weinstein Report Was Turned Down by This Network

There were a great many explosive revelations that came out of the recent New Yorker…

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Many in Hollywood Are Still Silent About Harvey Weinstein — Why?

After spending decades as one of Hollywood's most influential and powerful producers, Harvey Weinstein has…

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