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Not Over: Sanders’ Supporters File Appeal in DNC Fraud Lawsuit

The lawyers whose fraud suit against the Democratic National Committee was thrown out last month…

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WaPo Claims $300 Million Class-Action Suit Against DNC ‘Frivolous’

Dave Weigel, a reporter for The Washington Post, called a¬†class-action lawsuit against the DNC and…

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Trump Camp Sues Nevada for Keeping Early Polls Open Late

Republican presidential nominee¬†Donald Trump has sued Nevada over a county official's decision to keep early…

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WikiLeaks: Sanders Mole Fed Strategy to Top Hillary Aides

Hillary Clinton's campaign Chairman John Podesta got detailed information about what Clinton's primary rival Bernie…

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WikiLeaks: Deputy CEO for DNC Convention Was Clinton Plant

An email released by WikiLeaks on Thursday suggests that the top communications person for the…

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