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  • Faith

The 20 Evangelicals Who Pray with Trump

They're invited to meetings at the White House. They exchange calls, texts and emails with…

  • Faith

Pastor Paula White Slammed for Saying This About Trump

Paula White, pastor of an evangelical megachurch and one of President Trump's spiritual advisers, said…

  • Poli

Why Bannon May Wield More Power on the Outside

Many Republicans subscribe to the conventional wisdom that Steve Bannon will be less of a…

  • Poli

Media Ignore Potential for Democrat Nightmare in 2018

President Donald Trump is popular, his approval rating is where he needs it to be,…

  • Poli

Radicals Buck DNC Rebranding Effort: Aim to Drag Party Further Left

While establishment Democrats are scrambling to figure out how to appeal to middle- and working-class…

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