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  • Mom

Freak Child Rapist Gets Life in Prison

Shalin Ren Payne could aptly be called "the face of evil." A three-time felon out…

  • Faith

Islamic Radicalization in Prison

A counterterrorism expert charged by the British government with investigating the spread of Islamist extremism…

  • Poli

Breaking Open the Jail, Endangering the People

National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director Chris Cox added a different angle in defending…

  • Poli

Close Gitmo and Bad Guys May Stay in U.S.

Closing the Guantánamo Bay, military prison could one day result in transferred terrorism detainees walking…

  • Health

Get Out-of-Jail-Free Card?

After an argument in 1985 in a Fullerton, California, bar, Jeffrey Bryan Norsworthy shot Franklin…

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