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Dave Brat: Gillespie Lost Because He Didn’t ‘Run on the Populist Message’

Virginia Rep. Dave Brat said Wednesday on "The Laura Ingraham Show" that Ed Gillespie's run…

  • Faith

In Today’s World, Is Nationalism a Sin?

Was St. John Paul II a nationalist — and if so, was he a racist…

  • Poli

Study: Populism Beating Out Liberalism in Europe

A new study has revealed the incredible extent to which populism has established itself as…

  • Poli

Buchanan: Abandoning Populist Roots Would ‘Damage and Destroy’ Trump

Conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan warned that if President Donald Trump forgets his populist roots,…

  • Poli

Where the Populist Movement Goes, Post-French Election

Center-left candidate Emmanuel Macron clinched the victory over right-wing populist Marine Le Pen in the French…

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