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Buchanan: ‘Bern, Baby, Bern’ Doesn’t Work in the South

Conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan said Democrats' defeat in the special election for Georgia's 6th Congressional District…

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Buchanan to Trump White House: ‘Hang Together’

The Chinese and Indians could have been able to pump carbon emissions into the air…

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Buchanan: Deputy AG ‘Delivered a Real Potential Blow’ to Trump

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein this week "delivered a real potential blow" to President Donald…

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Trump’s First Foreign Trip Tests ‘America First’ Agenda

President Donald Trump will soon embark on his first trip abroad, a trip that sends…

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Buchanan: Abandoning Populist Roots Would ‘Damage and Destroy’ Trump

Conservative political commentator Pat Buchanan warned that if President Donald Trump forgets his populist roots,…

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