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The Secretive World of Hasidic Judaism

Hasidic Jews often lead very insular lives, and their strict practices can be confounding even…

  • Pop

Disgraced in Hollywood — and Many Have Fessed Up, Too

It seems that an alleged new sexual predator is uncovered nearly every day in Hollywood.…

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‘House of Cards’ May Not Even Get a Final Season Because of Spacey

In the wake of a pedophilia accusation against actor Kevin Spacey, Netflix announced that its…

  • Pop

Netflix Cuts Ties with Kevin Spacey, Topples ‘House of Cards’

Netflix has pulled the plug on one of its most successful original programs, "House of…

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Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Show Might Be a Complete Flop

Netflix, home to runaway hits like “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards” and…

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