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Toby Keith Reveals Inspiration Behind His Post-9/11 Hit Song

Toby Keith sat down to write his now-hit song "Courtesy of the Red, White and…

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Exclusive: Joy Villa on Her Role with the Trump Campaign and Her Time in Houston

It's only been seven months since musician Joy Villa announced to the world and her…

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Here’s Why Walter Becker, Steely Dan’s Co-Founder, Was So Different

Most bands from the 1970s focused on live performances — but not Walter Becker and…

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Why Nugent Believes He’s Not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Ted Nugent said he believes his support of the National Rifle Association has stopped him…

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Charlie Daniels Has a Stern Message for Career Politicians

Musician Charlie Daniels had some serious words for career politicians in an op-ed for CNSNews…

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