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  • Pop

Hypocritical Rappers Cannot Claim the Moral High Ground

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., better known as Common, made headlines last September for becoming the…

  • Pop

Why Springsteen Doesn’t Want to Make Anti-Trump Music

Bruce Springsteen is far from the biggest fan of President Donald Trump — but he…

  • Pop

Linda Ronstadt’s Classic ‘Simple Dreams’ Celebrates 40 Years

A "new" album that hit shelves this month was one that scores of music fans…

  • Health

Serenity Now: Pianist and Composer Is in Tune with Good Health

In the sheer busyness of our lives, in a world of massive disruption and distraction,…

  • Health

Drinker Buried His Alcohol Three Weeks Before He Needed It

As venues ratchet up the prices of alcohol, more people are attempting to sneak their…

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