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You Won’t Believe Snoop Dogg’s Latest Stupid Trick

Rap artist Snoop Dogg posted a photo Wednesday promoting his album and newest single, "Make…

  • Faith

Taylor Swift’s Video: Newest Example of Demonic Symbolism?

Taylor Swift as we knew her is dead — at least that's the marketing message…

  • Pop

Snoop Dogg’s New Song Takes Aim at President Trump

Snoop Dogg is slamming President Trump again, releasing the audio track to his new song…

  • Faith

She’s Got Enough Self-Worth to Say, ‘No, I’m Not Going to Do That’

Blonde, bubbly, and equipped with a long, southern drawl, Kaylee Keller has all the makings…

  • Pop

Joy Villa Has Harsh Words for Eminem, the Anti-Trumper

Eminem made quite a splash at this year's BET Awards when he debuted a freestyle…

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