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Senate to Reopen Ethics Investigation into Menendez Corruption

The political career of Sen. Robert Menendez, the Democrat from New Jersey, lived for another┬áday…

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Mitch McConnell: We’re Killing the Obamacare Tax

Senate Republicans will revoke the hated Obamacare tax known as the individual mandate, leaders said…

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Roy Moore Pile-On Risks Voter Backlash in Alabama Senate Race

Polls taken immediately after public accusations of sexual misconduct nearly four decades ago showed that…

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Adoption Tax Credit Flub Has D.C. Wondering: Does the GOP Know What It’s Doing?

Republicans continue to grapple with their dual tax plans in the House and Senate, with…

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Top Six Bills That Have Stalled in the Senate

The House of Representatives has passed scores of bills in 2017, but unfortunately for GOP…

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