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  • Poli

Six of the Most Blatant Media Politicizations of Irma

Like clockwork in its predictability, the Left once again capitalized on disaster and human tragedy…

  • Poli

Handful of Leftists Call Irma Karma for ‘Climate Deniers’

Good-hearted, patriotic Americans all across the country are praying for those in the likely path…

  • Pop

Inside Story of How One Actress ‘Came Out’ as Conservative in Hollywood

About a year ago I made one of the more risky decisions of my life…

  • Poli

Left Continues to Politicize Harvey as the Rain Stops, Recovery Begins

The Nation published an article this week titled "Everyone's a Socialist After a Natural Disaster,"…

  • Pop

Why Social Justice Warriors Are So Upset About ‘Death Wish’ Remake

The trailer for the "Death Wish" remake, starring Bruce Willis, has been released — and…

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