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Can’t Move On: Podesta Reboots the Hillary-Defeat Blame Game

Former Hillary Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta blamed Russia, the FBI and the prevalence of…

  • Poli

Pizzagate Fallout: Infowars Apologizes for Conspiracy Theory

Infowars issued an unexpected apology Friday for taking part in the debunked "Pizzagate" conspiracy theory…

  • Poli

Podesta Reemerges to Spin Conspiratorial Yarns

John Podesta, Hillary Clinton's former campaign chairman, lashed out in an interview released Monday,¬†blasting the…

  • Poli

Lynch Shoots Down Podesta Attack on FBI

Loretta Lynch on Sunday morning dismissed the harsh attack by former Hillary Clinton campaign Chairman…

  • Poli

Top U.S. Spy Agency Disses CIA Report on Russian Hacking

Top officials in the¬†U.S. intelligence community reportedly do not share the opinion of 17 unnamed…

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