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  • Poli

Roy Moore: Allegations Are ‘Completely False and Misleading’

Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore on Friday emphatically denied sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl…

  • Faith

How to Create a Successful ‘Christian Instagram’

We've all seen #blessed or a Bible verse pop up in our Instagram feed —…

  • Mom

They Went After a Little Girl with a Lemonade Stand

The BBC reported that a five-year-old girl in London was fined 150 pounds (about $195) for…

  • Mom

Girl Helps a Blind Man — and People See Her for the First Time

A Good Samaritan's small act of kindness was caught on camera, and has since gone…

  • Mom

Girl Dragged into Water by Wild Animal Is Treated for ‘Seal Finger’

It is every parent's nightmare: Your carefree, happy child is suddenly dragged away from you…

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