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Patti LaBelle on Her Diabetes: ‘I Changed My Way of Living’

Patti LaBelle had a tough wake-up call when she found out she had diabetes more…

  • Health

Who Says You Must Walk 10,000 Steps a Day?

It seems everyone has become obsessed with tracking health data. Between how much sleep to…

  • Health

Secret Breastfeeding Benefits — for Moms

It's now National Breastfeeding Month — and World Breastfeeding Week. Of infants born in the…

  • Health

The Health Problem Teen Girls Never Expect

Have you ever seen a woman or teenage girl with a five o'clock shadow or…

  • Health

If You’re Under Chronic Stress, You Just Got Hit with Something Else

People who deal with chronic stress were dealt a double blow by researchers recently, as…

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