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  • Faith

A Lesson for the Faithful About Family — from an Unlikely Source

During a recent father-daughter mission trip to St. Michael's Special Needs School in New Orleans,…

  • Pop

These Celebrities Raised a Staggering Amount for Hurricane Victims

"We're unstoppable when we unite," actor Jamie Foxx said early on in the "Hand in…

  • Pop

How These Celebs Are Helping the Needy in a Crisis

While many prominent people have used Hurricane Harvey as a platform to continue being political…

  • Mom

One Small Basket, One Giant Step for the Neediest

It's hard to believe, as we publish this, that Christmas is right around the corner.…

  • Faith

American Doctor and Ugandan Orphan Are Saving Lives

Getting out of the little bubble of our own lives and helping others in need…

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