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To Address the Opioid Crisis, New and Innovative Proposals

Ohio Gov. John Kasich's call for scientific breakthroughs to fight the opioid epidemic has organizations…

  • Mom

18 Moms Weigh In on Best Age for a Kid’s First Cellphone

Remember back when we were younger and the biggest phone conundrums we faced were whether…

  • Health

Safest Way to Use Your Cellphone

Keep your cellphone a safe distance away from your body when calls are coming in…

  • Mom

Technology in the Military: Friend or Foe?

Technology has done incredible things for America‚Äôs armed forces. From the battlefield to the home…

  • Mom

Parents, Pry Teens Away from Those Phones

Modern innovation has given us the technology to live life better, simpler, and with less.…

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