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CMA Awards: Classy, Sincere, Effective — Unless You Believe the Liberal Media

ABC treated its audience last night to a front-row view of "country music's biggest night."…

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Patti LaBelle on Her Diabetes: ‘I Changed My Way of Living’

Patti LaBelle had a tough wake-up call when she found out she had diabetes more…

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‘Seinfeld’ Actor Opens Up About Supporting Trump — Within Hollywood

John O'Hurley has learned to keep his political views to himself. The actor, best known…

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These Two Celebrities Got into a Heated Debate About Trump and Russia

Roseanne Barr has been one of Donald Trump's most vocal celebrity supporters. Rob Reiner, on…

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Hollywood Screenwriter on Weinstein: ‘Everybody Knew’

A Hollywood screenwriter who got his big break with Miramax is speaking out about Harvey…

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