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Trump Rips ‘Ungrateful Fool’ LaVar Ball

President Donald Trump did not mince words when he extended his feud with LaVar Ball…

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Border Patrol Union Blasts CNN Report Saying Agents Fell

CNN has been calling the death of a Border Patrol agent in Texas over the…

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Kate Steinle Prosecutor Closing Argument: Shooter ‘Knew Exactly What He Was Doing’

The jury in the trial for the homeless illegal immigrant who shot and killed Kate…

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John Conyers Settled Sex Harassment Complaint with $27K in Taxpayer Dollars

John Conyers, the longtime Democratic congressman from Michigan, paid a former employee more than $27,000…

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Laura Ingraham: Killing of Border Patrol Agent Proves We Need a Wall

The fatal beating of a U.S. Border Patrol agent shows that President Donald Trump's proposed…

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